Thingsquare Mist platform brings internet connectivity to battery-powered wireless devices

Adam Dunkels, Thingsquare Adam Dunkels, Thingsquare

Stockholm, Sweden. September 20, 2012 — Thingsquare, a pioneering provider of open source software for the Internet of Things (IoT), has launched Thingsquare Mist, a standards-based mesh networking platform for smart cities and buildings.

Thingsquare Mist allows developers of smart lighting systems, smart cities, smart homes and smart buildings to quickly add internet connectivity to their devices. A key feature of Thingsquare Mist is said by the company to be its ability to seamlessly connect Mist networks with existing networks based on internet protocol (IP), without the need for manual configuration.

“The Internet of Things market is growing quickly due to new low cost hardware and manufacturing technology,” said Adam Dunkels (pictured), founder of Thingsquare and author of the Contiki operating system. “The Internet of Things needs open standards and straightforward software to move forward. Thingsquare Mist makes the Internet of Things dramatically easier to develop and deploy.”

Thingsquare Mist uses open standards such as internet protocol version 6 (IPv6), IPv6 for low-power wireless networks (6lowpan), the Routing Protocol for Lossy networks (RPL), and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Thingsquare Mist is open source software and runs the open source Contiki operating system on the devices. Key innovations in network protocols, over-the-air software update mechanisms, and network maintenance tools, make Thingsquare Mist systems easy to develop, deploy, and operate.

Thingsquare is working with several leading hardware manufacturers to bring Thingsquare Mist to a wide range of hardware platforms. Thingsquare Mist is currently in private beta with a set of selected customers, but it will be available by the first quarter of 2013.

Thingsquare is a leading provider of open source software for the Internet of Things. Founded in 2012 with the aim to simplify the Internet of Things, Thingsquare provides standards-based software to a wide range of customers developing applications for smart lighting, smart cities and smart buildings.

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