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Sierra Wireless introduces 'AirVantage M2M Cloud' for secure 2-way communication

Sierra Wireless introduces 'AirVantage M2M Cloud' for secure 2-way communication

Posted by Andy JordanOctober 5, 2012

Sierra Wireless has introduced the AirVantageM2M Cloud used to deploy and manage large M2M applications. The AirVantage M2M Cloud provides secure two-way communication between connected devices and the enterprise.

“M2M applications have traditionally been very difficult to build and even harder to manage as the number of devices increases,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, senior vice president, solutions and services at Sierra Wireless. “The AirVantage M2M Cloud is designed to eliminate the complexity from M2M, making machine information quickly and easily accessible to any business application, and to scale for tomorrow’s billionth device.”

In conjunction with this AirVantage release, Sierra Wireless has joined the Amazon web services partner network as an APN technology partner. This collaboration reportedly makes it easy for customers to use the AirVantage APIs (application programme interfaces) to build M2M applications that run seamlessly on the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. The joint solution eliminates the need for any on-premise IT infrastructure and further accelerating time-to-market and improving scalability.

The AirVantageM2M Cloud provides a secure, scalable, device-to-cloud infrastructure for collecting and transmitting M2M data to and from any number of connected devices, and linking that data to any number of enterprise applications.

AirVantage includes: globally distributed data centres for securely storing machine information, web 2.0 APIs for enterprises to access and share machine information, and integrated subscription management with nine network operators worldwide.

AirVantage is tightly integrated with Sierra Wireless devices and supports third-party devices through the open source AirVantage Agent, dramatically speeding time-to-market for customers while providing complete flexibility in selecting hardware.

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