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Wyless announces Deutsche Telekom M2M partnership

Wyless announces Deutsche Telekom M2M partnership

Posted by Andy JordanOctober 11, 2012

Wyless, a global M2M Managed Services provider, announced their inclusion on the Deutsche Telekom M2M Partner Portal as well as the release of a Partner portrait that is featured on the site, solidifying a long standing strategic partnership with the Deutsche Telekom M2M Competence Centre.

The M2M Competence Centre drives innovation in close cooperation with Deutsche Telekom customers and its partners. The Competence Centre draws from the global know-how of the Deutsche Telekom Group to develop its M2M product offering, developing solutions to benefit its partners and customers across the globe. In doing so, the market segments are prioritised according to local demands to provide customers with the best in class services.

“Our partnerships with Deutsche Telekom, Everything Everywhere and T Mobile have been the cornerstone of our strategy to provide leading connectivity solutions in both the US and Europe,” said Dan McDuffie, CEO of Wyless. “We are constantly expanding and strengthening our joint activities in order to address the growing need for multi-MNO connectivity on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. The Deutsche Telekom open partner strategy of promoting leading solutions through its partner portal closely matches the Wyless strategy of providing an open network with a broad range of value added solutions for M2M and Embedded Mobile devices.”

Wyless has been connected to Deutsche Telekom properties since its inception in 2003 as a partner to T Mobile UK. In 2007 Wyless launched its strategic partnership with T Mobile USA and is now their largest horizontal M2M Managed Services Provider.

Earlier this year the Wyless also launched its connection into T Mobile Austria and is working on expanding into other T Mobile properties.

The strategic relationship between Wyless and Deutsche Telekom consists of jointly approaching the market for M2M Connectivity and Managed Solutions, driving both European and North American business opportunities to each other.

The story is featured in interview format with Wyless EMEA managing director, Steve Priestley and is available here:

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