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M2M Now Magazine September-October 2012 Edition

M2M Now Magazine September-October 2012 Edition

Posted by adminOctober 12, 2012

M2M Now magazine explores the evolving opportunities and challenges facing CSPs across this sector. And in our exclusive interviews passes on some lessons learned by those who have taken the first steps in next gen M2M services. In the latest issue:

  • TALKING HEADS: Wyless sees M2M market shifting as clients demand more complex services
  • SECURITY ISSUE: ‘Always-on’ connectivity is the new burglar deterrent + A business case for security enabled communication
  • SERVICE PROVIDER CASE STUDY: P2P fibre helps Stream to boost bandwidth ‘tenfold’ on demand
  • EXCLUSIVE OPERATOR INTERVIEW: What can Deutsche Telekom do with its ‘Developer Garden’?
  • SIM / MIM MANAGEMENT: Sink or SIM – We see how current models will have to change!

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