Liechtenstein-based M2M service provider DATAMOBILE joins Austrian Vending Association

Vaduz, Liechtenstein Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz, Liechtenstein — DATAMOBILE AG, one of Europe’s largest M2M connectivity providers, has signed up to membership of the Österreichische Verkaufsautomaten Vereinigung (OVV, or Austrian Vending Association).

Operating from Liechtenstein (pictured) and offering M2M services all over the world, DATAMOBILE provides international roaming as well as more local multi-area roaming. DATAMOBILE AG specialises in machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, and data transfer between devices of different kinds, offering M2M solutions to optimise business processes and reduce costs.

The company’s M2M SIM card provides connectivity for miscellaneous GPRS-based devices, including telematic systems, tracking and monitoring devices, vending automats, smart meters, and emergency call systems. These are linked to the internet anywhere in the world, via as many as four carriers per country.

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