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Vodacom introduces M2M to Nigeria

Vodacom introduces M2M to Nigeria

Posted by Andy JordanNovember 21, 2012

Vodacom in Nigeria has announced it launched new M2M services aimed at boosting the financial and retail sectors in the West African country.

Vodacom Business Nigeria product manager, Abu Etu said: “Our solutions are built on a secure network and all transactions are encrypted over the Vodacom MPLS network. We have put in place IPSEC tunnelling, private APNs, SIM authentication and a host of security measures to provide much needed peace of mind.”

The new Vodacom M2M solutions are dual-SIM enabled, providing reliable, secure and a cost-effective solutions for ATM, Point of Sales (POS) connectivity and back-up applications.

“Companies can use the mobile data network to connect retailer PoS terminals to central servers or to the Nigerian Interbank Settlement Systems and ATMs to the bank’s central servers,” he added.

The firm explained that these next-generation solutions utilise the GSM data network to connect retailer’s POS to the central servers or to the Nigerian Interbank Settlement Systems (NIBSS) network and the ATM to the bank’s central servers, adding that it enabled seamless network failover to a secondary GSM network in the event of failure on the primary network and vice versa.

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