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B3IT and Tele2 bring 'intelligent parking' to market in Sweden

B3IT and Tele2 bring 'intelligent parking' to market in Sweden

Posted by Andy JordanNovember 30, 2012

B3IT has released dynamIQ parking™, a concept of Intelligent Parking Systems, to the market in cooperation with a global leader in wireless sensor enabled smart city solutions and the Swedish mobile operator Tele2.

The solution may help drivers to find free parking space in forehand, reserve the space and pay for it immediately. dynamIQ parking™ will minimise the growing parking related problems.

Magnus Melander, CEO at B3 Connect Compute said: “By using a holistic approach and applying a combination of modern technologies to parking we can ensure that all stakeholders will have the information needed to make the best possible decision at any time.”

“Drivers can plan their journeys ahead, owners of parking space can maximise utilisation and service as well as adjusting prices to demand properly and traffic planners can build plans based on real historical data”.

Parking is a critical component of Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITS. Parking space is a scarce and expensive resource in urban environments and every free parking slot is an opportunity to improve the traffic situation and increase efficiency in people’s lives.

The parking related problems will continue to grow as urban population is growing and Smart Cities simply need dynamIQ parking™ to minimize those problems.

B3IT recently announced the concept of dynamIQ parking™ at ITS World Congress in Vienna earlier this fall and have now established the partnerships required to start deploy dynamIQ parking™pilots.

Sven Uthorn, CEO of B3IT Management said: “Our strong IT consulting capabilities and M2M expertise together with our partner’s offerings, make an easy to buy solution to a complex problem. We can have a pilot up and running in two months from decision.”

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