geo launches new monitoring and control system for PV installations

In January, geo is releasing their second-generation PV monitoring system. With falling installation rates and a reduced feed-in tariff, this new system comes with a comprehensive online & mobile service and Smart Plugs for appliance control – specifically developed to improve consumer engagement and help PV installers maintain a competitive advantage.

Since the feed-in tariff was reduced, fewer panels have been installed. The figures are clear: installation rates plummeted to just 841 new installs (week ending 11 November 2012), a drop of nearly 73%.

geo’s Solo II PV bundle is key to PV market survival.

It gives installers a unique offering in the marketplace and gives homeowners the chance to take control of their energy generation and consumption.

One of the main selling points is the bundle offering, which gives online and mobile support for full flexibility and value-added functionality.
Crucially, with the new Solo II, homeowners can add Smart Plugs.

Smart Plugs can be attached to home appliances to keep track of individual consumption. Adding a Smart Plug also means you can switch devices on/off remotely from a smartphone, through geo’s online energy management service:

Homeowners can view, analyse and control their energy use at home, at work or on the move.

“Using the Solo II with energynote gives people a remote sense check of their energy use,” says Patrick Caiger-Smith, chief executive officer at geo. “From wherever they are, people can monitor levels and decide to use or sell the energy they are generating.”

Smith concludes: “This 24/7 energy flexibility means PV owners maximise efficiency and save money, powering high-load appliances when the sun shines and selling back to the grid when they’ve used all they need.”

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