Car conversations dominated CES 2013 social media, says Crimson Hexagon

Crimson_Hexagon Social media analysis by Crimson Hexagon

January 14, 2013 — With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) only just closed it’s interesting to see what dominated discussions. Crimson Hexagon’s social media analysis platform, ForSight, monitored social media conversations surrounding CES, by analysing Twitter and Facebook posts throughout the event.

The findings for CES analysed 108,595 social media posts, Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight found that car-related technologies were most prominent in the social media analysis, generating almost a third (29%) of the conversation: This 29% of ‘car conversations’ included:

* 18% of conversations talking about driverless and automated cars, such as Google’s automated car that drove 300,000 miles with no accidents, as well as Toyota and Audi

* 11% talked about apps and accessories for cars, such as Garmin’s K2 ‘glass cockpit’

* 21% of the CES social media conversation was gaming-related, including:

* 12% of conversations specifically about NVIDIA, the creator of visual computing technology, and its Project Shield, an Android-powered gaming device

* 9% of social media conversations were about other gaming companies and technologies, referencing apps and products, such as the Roccat Ryos mechanical keyboard

* Mobile phones generated 12% of CES social media conversation

* And tablets generated 11%.

Despite its reputation for gigantic TVs, CES social media conversations about TVs were statistically low or irrelevant compared to other conversations.

Crimson Hexagon, founded in 2007, provides analysis software that delivers business intelligence from social media data for global corporations. The ForSight platform has 175 billion posts in its database, and analyses around 300 million tweets per day.

Powered by patented technology developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, the Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ platform delivers Big Data analysis capabilities for a variety of large-scale data sources. Clients include Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Starbucks, Simon & Schuster, Twitter, and the United Nations.

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