Junifer empowers end-customers with consumption web or mobile API

Junifer Systems, a provider of back office billing products for the utility industry, is launching a web/mobile API that allows end-customers to view their energy consumption data on their supplier’s web site.

Junifer customers that implement the new API on their website will be able to provide their customers with a view of their account details, energy consumption and bill history including bill images.

Additionally, customers without smart meters may enter their meter readings into a user-friendly interface via their smart phone, tablet or other similar mobile device.

Currently, most end-customers have no way of tracking their energy consumption which means they are unable to see the impact of any changes they make to their behaviour (e.g. turning off lights or using lower energy equipment) until their next bill.

It is claimed that energy companies who implement the Junifer web API will be able to provide customer information quickly, save money on routine customer consumption enquiries and avoid “bill shock” where clients receive much larger invoices than they expected.

Kenton Judson, Operations Director at Junifer said, “we know that energy companies are keen to provide their end-customers with information about their consumption. At a time when so much is moving to the web, it is natural for end-customers to expect to go to their energy provider’s website and check their consumption level. Our new web API allows energy providers to do that through their own branded web sites.”

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