Focus on Chinese Broadband Home at HGI’s Shenzhen Meeting


Event date: June 18-21, 2013
Shenzhen, China

China’s leading service providers set to discuss broadband home services and requirements for Smart Home architecture during open forum on June 18 in Shenzhen

20 May 2013.  An open forum addressing the latest broadband home-services trends and Smart Home requirements will be hosted in Shenzhen on June 18 by HGI, the leading global organisation for publishing requirements for the digital Smart Home. This event, part of HGI’s regular quarterly meeting, will feature presentations from two of China’s leading service providers and will take place from June 18-21 at the Westin Hotel, Shenzhen

The workshop has two aspects. First, HGI will discuss its current work on home gateways, testing, Smart Home and home networks, and present use cases developed by service providers in Europe, Japan and Australia.  Second, HGI is inviting talks and demonstrations from Chinese service providers, chip, software, and system vendors for the broadband home.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to identify common aspects amongst broadband requirements of HGI service providers and broadband service providers in China.  According to China’s Ministry of Industry and IT (MIT), 250 million Chinese broadband subscribers will be connected by the end of 2015, and HGI believes that many points in common can be jointly addressed.

 “Increasingly, broadband service providers are taking a platform approach and providing a range of services in the broadband home. We see the same trends in China and believe that deep discussion on broadband home requirements will be of benefit to the existing HGI members and the Chinese service providers. We are also providing an opportunity for local manufacturers to gain insight into requirements for both hardware and software aspects of the future broadband home,” said Duncan Bees, CTO and CBO of HGI.

According to broadband research firm Point Topic, China already has the most Internet subscribers in the world, with more than 178 million in Q4 2012. HGI’s event will provide a place for companies in the region and HGI members to interchange current ideas for further development within the Smart Home and requirements for the home gateway infrastructure and architecture.

The Shenzhen Open Forum is free to attend upon prior registration for industry members; however the number of seats is limited.

To attend the HGI Open Forum, including a complimentary lunch provided by HGI, email with your name, position, company, and contact details, or email in the Chinese language.

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