Kamstrup co-operates with Elster to provide second source of next gen smart meters for deployments

Kamstrup has announced an agreement with Elster that allows for co-operation between the two smart metering providers.

The co-operation provides the foundation for a strong integrated smart meter network for utilities, who demand more than one meter provider to service their deployments with Radio communication (RF) technology.

The solution includes Kamstrup and Elster smart meters that use a common Kamstrup’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure. A common project could consist of Kamstrup and Elster’s smart meters both equipped with a Kamstrup RF module resulting in a high performing wireless smart metering system based on a capable meter fleet.

Kamstrup’s smart metering system is based on proven, wireless technology designed and manufactured in Denmark. The RF technology is standardised according to EN 13757-5 and is being deployed worldwide with high performance results.

Utilities preparing for the Smart Grid implementation are naturally focused on avoiding a vendor lock-in.

With this agreement Kamstrup secures for their customers the freedom of choice with a modular solution enabling the desired interchangeability of meters within a single Kamstrup deployed network.

Kim Nørgaard, Elster vice president for sales and marketing, says: “We are happy to provide our Elster advanced smart meters to Kamstrup, so they can propose a future proof solution, and we look forward to provide a common solution together with Kamstrup as a smart meter and AMI-supplier.”

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