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Aeris launches crowdsourcing for machines

Aeris launches crowdsourcing for machines

Posted by Keenan AhrendsFebruary 25, 2013

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona-Aeris Communications announced the launch of AerPort 3.0, a portal that leverages patent-pending M2M crowdsourcing technology to give customers greater visibility and understanding into device performance, including the ability to easily troubleshoot issues in real-time via the cloud.

“Our new proprietary crowdsourcing solution leverages transactional data from all machines on the network so customers can quickly diagnose if issues are network or device related,” said Aeris vice president of sales and marketing, Mark Cratsenburg.

AerPort 3.0 is the industry-leading portal for managing and controlling cellular connected machines and devices. It raises the bar for operational support by leveraging Aeris’ unique network infrastructure to deliver the deepest level of insight and control possible.

Aeris customers are able to use this insight to reduce operational and cellular costs, and to improve the performance of their connected machines.

For example, AerPort 3.0 customers will have access to Aeris’ patent-pending crowdsourcing technology to use the crowd of machines on the network to determine whether an issue is device or network related, based on the performance of other machines in the same area.

Aeris has also rolled out Smart Network big data analytics which analyse device behaviour patterns and then ‘learn’ what is normal behaviour.

This enables Aeris to proactively alert customers when devices or groups of devices are performing outside of normal operation.

In doing so, customers can more intelligently resolve issues before they impact operations or cost.

Finally, AerPort 3.0 allows customers to tailor and fully optimise their device alerts based on customizable groupings and apply automated actions when alert thresholds are met.

As a result, customers can now set alerts and actions that tie directly to their business.

“Aeris’ new alerting capabilities, combined with automated actions, will help companies in many industries, like telematics, healthcare and utilities to better manage costs and operations,” added Cratsenburg.

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