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du Telecom begins high-end M2M services in the UAE in partnership with Gemalto

du Telecom begins high-end M2M services in the UAE in partnership with Gemalto

Posted by Keenan AhrendsMarch 20, 2013

UAE’s integrated telecommunications service provider du Telecom, and Gemalto, a leader in digital security, are to deploy Gemalto’s Machine Identification Module (MIM) in what is said to be the first deployment of M2M communication technology in the UAE.

Designed to make business processes more efficient and cost-effective, Gemalto’s Cinterion™ MIM cards will be integrated in all major M2M initiatives by du for a variety of end-markets, from oil and gas, retail, healthcare, utilities, to power management, as well as the transportation sector and will contribute to vast operational improvements in the region’s industrial sectors.

The solution allows for remote machines to directly communicate with central management systems and enable increased productivity.

Gemalto’s MIMs are specialised SIM platforms designed for M2M wireless communication and will operate on du’s network.

They meet the demanding requirements of varying industrial environments and ensure M2M applications resist the climatic challenges in the UAE, endure a long lifespan and support miniaturisation requirements.

The MIMs can be embedded in smart meters and will enable utility companies or energy distributors in the UAE to securely and remotely monitor electricity consumption in real time.

In the oil and gas industries, the devices will help manage hard–to-reach meters to ensure effective maintenance.

Transportation companies will have the option of tracking the flow of vehicles to optimise their routes with up-to-the-minute traffic information leading to a significant reduction in overall non-productive periods.

“du is fuelling innovation in the UAE and the deployment of MIM cards has the potential to change the industry’s landscape in the region. Gemalto and DU are dedicated to enabling this growth in the Middle East,” said Eric Claudel, senior vice president of telecommunication at Gemalto Middle East.

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