The Everyware Cloud from Eurotech

Eurotech Cloud-Ready M2M

The Everyware Cloud from Eurotech is a software platform that performs device and data management over a secure and reliable cloud service to build and maintain an end-to-end M2M application. Once devices are deployed, the Everyware Cloud allows users to connect, configure and manage data and devices through the lifecycle, from deployment through maintenance to retirement. Complex event processing and a sophisticated rules engine ensure real-time reaction and informed decisions.

M2M Data Management through the Cloud

Accelerate your success by choosing robust, easy to use building blocks; starting with Eurotech hardware platforms, leading operating systems, and advanced middleware framework.

Eurotech´s Everyware Device Cloud (EDC) is a sophisticated cloud service that gives you a flexible infrastructure capable of scaling as much as you need. We put the pieces together, so your time to market is faster than ever before.

EDC delivers intelligent, instantly accessible device-to-cloud solutions that offer many benefits.

• Infinite scalability so you can literally add tens of thousands of devices, or new categories of devices, without re-engineering the network or buying IT infrastructure

• Built-in reliability and data security where your data is available only to people you authorize, when they need it

• True on-demand connectivity and information access lets you pay only for the capacity you need

• Seamless integration with Eurotech´s ESF and multi-service gateways for simplicity in adding new devices

• MQTT protocol, an optimal (very robust, small footprint) M2M publish & subscribe communication technology

• Open, standards-based platform giving you flexibility and transparency, not vendor lock-in

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