Novatel Wireless partners with Quatenus and Optimus for telematics market in Portugal

San Diego, Califormia, USA – Novatel Wireless, Inc., has announced that its MT 3050 device has been selected by Quatenus, a leading Portuguese Systems Integrator, to be integrated into its front-end application platform and bundled with M2M subscription SIM services from Optimus, one of Portugal’s largest mobile operators.

The total plug-and-play solution is a powerful, all inclusive, cost-effective package which reduces up-front costs for insurance telematics and fleet management applications with easy installation, industry-leading small form factor and a simple user-interface from any browser, smartphone or via SMS.

“The MT 3050 is a proven platform for insurance telematics and fleet management providers who are looking for information on the vehicle, vehicle location, mileage control and/or driver behaviour, enabling productivity improvements and cost reductions for customers,” said Joe Peterson, Vice President of M2M sales at Novatel Wireless. “Unlike wired telematics devices, the innovative plug-and-play device with internal antennas removes vehicle installation costs and associated vehicle out-of-service time, thereby lowering total up-front costs.”

The solution was initially developed for the leading Portuguese car fleet leasing company, LeasePlan, who manages over 75,000 vehicles, and is now being promoted among other customers in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

João P. Alexandre, Director at Quatenus, commented: “The MT 3050 is a versatile mobile tracking device ideal for the front-end telematics platform we’re offering to provide the needed information on safety, security and roadside assistance, vehicle servicing and driver behaviour management. We expect our customers to realise great productivity improvements, increased safety and cost reductions as a result of this innovative programme.”

“We are pleased to partner with both Novatel Wireless and Quatenus to offer the most comprehensive and innovative telematics solution in the market,” said Carlos Lourenco, Head of M2M at Optimus. “At Optimus we are particularly focused on providing the best-in-class services leveraged by our Jasper M2M platform, and this partnership is a prime example of our continued efforts in advancing the market to bring our customers the solutions they need.”


The MT 3050 offers advanced capabilities for onboard telematics, driver behaviour and vehicle security.  The MT 3050 features Novatel Wireless’ on-board rules engine that supports customer-defined exception-based rules for applications such as ignition, geo-fencing, trip reporting and other events. It also features integrated disconnect alert supported by an in-device backup battery and has built-in threshold events to capture metrics critical to effective fleet and insurance monitoring such as excessive engine speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, speed violations, and excessive idling. The solution also reports, in real time, information such as location, trips, stop points, chronologies, events and vehicles’ states and statistics, making it the most sophisticated telematics solution available in Portugal.


Novatel Wireless, Inc. is a leader in the design and development of intelligent wireless solutions based on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The company delivers specialised wireless solutions to carriers, distributors, retailers, OEMs and vertical markets worldwide. Product lines include MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspots, Ovation USB modems, Expedite® embedded modules, Enfora® Mobile Tracking Solutions, Enfora Asset Tracking Solutions, and Expedite smart M2M modules. These innovative products provide anywhere, anytime communications solutions for consumers and enterprises.





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