Self-powered, usage-based car insurance from PayGo Systems to be based on Telit GSM/GPRS technology

London, UK – Telit Wireless Solutions and PayGo Systems, an Israel-based telematics service provider (TSP), who develops, designs, manufactures, markets and supports self-energised pay-as-you-drive solutions, have announced that PayGo’s new TTM Type B family of PAYD solutions is to include Telit’s ultra-compact GSM/GPRS cellular module, the GE865-QUAD.

Breakthrough solutions include self-contained, consumer installable data collection devices for high-growth application area, UBI/PAYD (pay-as-you-drive), in the automotive insurance industry. PayGo and Telit plan to expand connected automotive data collectors into new and existing markets made possible by PayGo’s self-powered product concept.

The TTM Type B is a self-powered peel-and-place product family with a number of game-changing characteristics including its multi-year internal battery power source. It is the only self-powered PAYD solution commercially available. Smart energy consumption algorithms, in conjunction with Telit’s energy efficient GE865-QUAD module, which is fully certified by mobile network operators worldwide, allow PayGo to deploy the TTM Type B family in any regional market its customers offer auto insurance. The independence of all vehicle systems makes PayGo the only TSP to offer devices appropriate for installation in all vehicle makes and model years.

The TTM Type B family incorporates a feature set designed to address specific insurance industry application requirements beyond basic UBI, including distance travelled, minutes of use, trip start and end time and geo-zones where the vehicle was driven – all in a continuous data collection stream. It is also able to notify appropriate service centres in real time about crashes and crash location, and to provide trip summaries (time, distance, etc.) via text message for each trip as well as curfew violations (time and geo-zone).

The PayGo device is packaged in a cellphone-size enclosure requiring no external wires and  is ready to be attached to the inside of the car’s windshield like a traditional toll-pass module. The unit is 100% self-powered and completely independent of any vehicle system, including power. To meet requirements from the insurance industry, the TTM Type B senses and reports installation of the device as well as tampering or post-installation removal. The products are fully FCC and CE certified.

The GE865-QUAD is the ideal solution for embedded cellular applications where small size and energy efficiency are crucial. Measuring only 22mm x 22mm x 3mm, the GE865-QUAD is significantly smaller than most cellular modules in the industry. It features an optimised power consumption profile with very low standby current compared to the majority of  competing products. Because of its extremely compact form and range of features, including an on-board Python interpreter, it is well positioned for vertical application areas such as telemetry, mobile asset tracking, telematics and telemedicine.


“PayGo’s data collectors are truly zero-installation devices which are very friendly for the broadest possible market that insurance carriers may ever want to reach,” said Dominikus Hierl, chief marketingofficer at Telit Wireless Solutions. “PayGo has leveraged the extensive experience of its founders with consumer products and designed a superb feature-packed solution based on our battle-tested GE865-QUAD module.”

“PayGo’s goal is to provide its insurance clients with the industry’s best, proven, self-powered and zero-installation wireless communication device for monitoring, logging and transmitting usage and emergency vehicle data,” said Michael Erlich of PayGo. “Many insurers have been looking for a UBI/PAYD solution that is as simple to use as a toll-pass.  Well, now they have that.”


Telit Wireless Solutions is a global enabler of M2M communications providing cellular, short range and positioning module products and, through its business unit m2mAIR, M2M managed and value added services, including connectivity. Telit is an M2M one-stop-shop, offering synergistic hardware and value added services bundles. With over 12 years exclusively in M2M, the company constantly advances technology through six R&D centres around the globe; and markets products and services in over 80 countries.

Telit connects organisations to the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing them to wirelessly collect, process and respond to real-world data from connected devices, creating new efficiencies, revenue streams, societal and personal benefits.

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