New M2M Now and Telco Exec careers service with a ‘human face’ goes live

New M2M Now and Telco Exec careers service with a 'human face' goes live

EXCLUSIVE: London & Kent, UK. May 13, 2013 – A new recruitment and careers advice service for telecommunication industry executives has gone live today on this website (See Jobs Board). The new Telco Exec service (

is designed for the busy telecoms executive who expects a personal service. Telco Exec operates as a Recruitment Club. Approved candidates can now search the Telco Exec jobs database and apply for M2M industry positions worldwide. Candidates can also receive personalised job alerts.

Membership of Telco Exec offers significant additional benefits, among them the opportunity to talk with Telco Exec’s independent support team and a panel of third party recruitment experts and coaches. By joining the select community you will be kept up to date with telecoms jobs, and Telco Exec’s support team will provide insight, advice and key introductions to allow you to accelerate your career.

The Benefits of Paid Membership of Telco Exec include:

• Telephone and email access to Telco Exec’s Independent Experts who can provide key personal introductions, information and career advice.
• Telco Exec’s team uses the latest software to Search over 500,000 employer websites worldwide for live and historic data of hiring opportunities in specific disciplines, sectors or regions – hand-picked to match your goals.
• Receive advice on New and Emerging Skills required by specific employers, and in the wider market.
• Create a unique Candidate e-Profile, searchable by Employers.
• Candidates can track their applications by logging in to their e-Profile, 24/7.
Personal Assessment software helps candidates enhance their e-Profile.
• Receive a 1-Year Free Subscription to VanillaPlus and M2M Now digital editions.
• Free Access to VanillaPlus & M2M Now Webinars, Reports and White Papers.

The new Telco Exec service is the brainchild of Jason Bandy, who brings 20 years’ experience of executive search and selection in the Business & Operations Support Service (BSS & OSS) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication sectors. He has previously held leadership posts with Glotel PLC, Kineticom and Identify Group.

Managing Director, Jason Bandy told M2M Now: “Telco Exec’s simple concept to combine the best job board technology with impartial recruitment advisors is unique, powerful and extremely valuable to both Candidate and Employer. Our ability to match candidates to the ideal job and to introduce the best talent to employers by listening, understanding and supporting both parties is helped enormously by our independence. Our employees are not rewarded by commissions or bonuses; they are there to help and provide impartial advice.”

“Employers are looking for quick and economical access to the best talent. Our understanding of the candidate pool, our unique service offering and personal touch will reduce costs, save time and improve the likelihood of successful long-term matches being made. The M2M Now audience and the telecoms BSS/OSS readership of sister site VanillaPlus are the ideal forums for us to operate within,” Bandy added.

Jason Bandy: Combine the best job board technology with impartial recruitment advice
Jason Bandy: Combine the best job board technology with impartial recruitment advice


Cathryn Barnard, Telco Exec’s Head of Candidate Services, said: “An individuals’ knowledge, uniqueness and personal motivations can’t be understood fully by machine. While existing job boards and social media giants target the masses, Telco Exec serves a select group of dedicated, high-achieving telecom professionals who require something extra when it comes to finding and securing exciting career opportunities.”

M2M Now and VanillaPlus magazines to support the new
global telecoms recruitment service ‘with a human touch’

Jeremy Cowan, Editorial Director and Publisher of VanillaPlus and M2M Now said: “We quickly saw that in Telco Exec we have partners who understand the needs of our tens of thousands of readers worldwide. We look forward to adding the support of our two leading global telecoms publications to a radically different range of recruitment services. Telco Exec’s in-depth experience of BSS, OSS and M2M are now allied to a determination to bring personal service to telecoms recruitment.”

For more details on becoming part of this Elite Community of high achievers and rising stars, or to market your Telecom Job Vacancies to our audience, please contact:

Jason Bandy, Managing Director, Telco Exec. Tel: +44 (0)8000 639936

For M2M Now, contact: Cherisse Jameson, Business Development Director.
Tel: +44 (0)1732 807410

For VanillaPlus, contact: Mark Bridges, Business Development Manager.
Tel: +44 (0)1732 807412

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