The killer M2M app: It’s closer than you think…

Larry Bellehumeur, Novotech Larry Bellehumeur is EVP of Sales and Marketing at Novotech Technologies

(BLOG by Larry Bellehumeur) June 9, 2013 — Hello and thanks for reading. I remember when I first started in the world of wireless data and everyone was always looking for the ‘killer app’.  While I have never heard a formal definition, I think it would be something like: Killer App: an app that crosses over virtually every company, regardless of size, that makes the use of a certain technology an absolute ‘must’.

When the first 2G networks launched, that application really had to be email.  Whether you were using a PC Card/USB stick to provide connectivity for your notebook or using a Blackberry-based service, the ability to access key personal information like email and your calendar while away from the office became an absolute must for all businesses.

So, is there a ‘killer app’ for M2M?  I would say yes, and what might surprise you is that most companies already have its foundation installed and working today.  This killer app is based on your current ERP and/or CRM system.

What? That piece of software is our killer app? Yes, and quite frankly the reason is actually quite simple. You see, for the most part – from finances, to operations, to customer service, to inventory management – you currently run your business from this invaluable piece of software. Let me explain how an M2M solution would allow you to do more with what you already have …

How does an M2M solution turn my current software into a ‘killer app’?

  • Customer Service Snapshot: With the current process, you discover issues by customer complaints or service calls. Would it not be better to know about them in real time before you get the calls? This is where an M2M solution could help.
  • Finance/Operations Snapshot: With the current process, you bill based on flat monthly usage or have to collect manual data. Would it not be better to get real-time billing or flexible billing options with less clerical work? This is where an M2M solution could help.
  • Sales Snapshot: With the current process, your sales teams (and likely other teams) work on stale data. Would they do their job better with real-time information on shipments and product status? This is where an M2M solution could help.
  • Operations Snapshot: With the current process, you have to predict when large scale capital purchases are needed based on instinct and historical usage. Would it not be better to have real-time usage data to more accurately predict capital needs? This is where an M2M solution could help.

Bottom line

Whether they host it themselves or use a cloud-based service, most companies today use some sort of ERP and/or CRM system to run their business. Through M2M solutions, you can make what you have today better. Going a step further, you’re also empowered to make smarter decisions about your business while better servicing your customers. Sounds like a ‘killer app’  to me!

The author is Larry Bellehumeur – EVP, Sales and Marketing, Novotech (pictured above)

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