Face detection technology aims to revolutionise advertising industry

Manchester, UK – The Europe-wide advertising network Amscreen is launching a new M2M-based platform for the advertising industry. Its face detection technology, originally developed by leading automated audience measurement firm Quividi, provides advertisers with invaluable insight into exactly who is seeing their adverts.

Cameras installed in Amscreen’s digital advertising display screens are able to determine the gender, age, date, time and volume of the viewers. This is helping brands ensure that they are reaching the right audience which allows them a degree of accountability that has never before been possible within this advertising sector.

This unique real-time audience insight from Amscreen allows brands to review and optimise campaigns, meaning that they can tailor their content to reach a specific target audience at a certain time of day.


Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar said: “It is time for a step-change in advertising – brands deserve to know not just an estimation of how many eyeballs are viewing their adverts, but who they are too. Through our face detection technology, we want to optimise our advertisers campaigns, reduce wastage and deliver the type of insight that only online has previously been able to achieve.”


Amscreen is a worldwide digital outdoor screen network representing the UK’s largest single portfolio with more than 4000+ screens. Amscreen focuses on reaching audiences in high dwell, close proximity environments helping to deliver more than 30 million adults every week. These advertising estates include forecourts (BP, Esso, Shell etc), national convenience stores (Londis, Spar etc) as well as WHSmith and GP surgeries throughout the UK.

Follow the video link to see how the face detection technology works http://www.amscreen.eu/optimeyes-real-time-insight-for-digital-media-advertising

This array of audience measurements and insights are obtained from EPOS , location, demographic and footfall data by the hour and by individual sites as well as the Quividi based face tracking data. These insights are then leveraged to deliver an array of creative solutions through Amscreen unique content delivery systems allowing day-part targeting, site specific (GEO), audience specific, live feeds, reactive advertising as well as automated localised content and much more.

Amscreen’s recent rapid growth into the likes of Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria reflects the rapid scalability of the technology, with complete screen networks being delivered and working in a matter of weeks.

Quividi provides a real-time video analytics solution that helps media owners, retailers and brands  finely count and qualify their audiences. Using the latest face and body detection technique and running on standard hardware, the Quividi solution delivers exhaustive metrics including number of viewers, opportunities to see, attention time and demographics  The technology is respectful of visitor’s privacy as it never records any image and works in a completely anonymous fashion. Results are available in customised online dashboards and electronic reports, which can be correlated with outside data.

Based in Paris, France, Quividi pioneered the anonymous face detection in 2006. With over 150 digital signage networks across 35 countries, and 2 billion faces counted to date, Quividi is the world leader in this category. “Measured by Quividi”™ is a commitment for a transparent, unbiased and accurate measurement of metrics that matter.


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