Software AG buys JackBe and launches real-time analytics platform for intelligent operations


(Reston, Virginia, USA. August 22, 2013) – Software AG  has announced the acquisition of JackBe Corporation for an undisclosed price, and launched a new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform (IBO). JackBe is a privately-owned provider of real-time visual analytics and intelligence software.

Real-time visualisation and analytics are increasingly important in managing the trend towards large data volumes being handled by technology companies.

Providing rapid deployment and a mash up of different data sources, JackBe will serve as the foundation for Software AG (TecDAX: SOW AG)’s new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform. The platform will provide customers with an integrated, real-time awareness of dynamic operations and processes via easy-to-use visualisations. The resulting improved response times and increased quality of business decisions support decision-makers in achieving better business outcomes.

Increasing digitisation enables enterprises to modernise their business models by implementing innovative cloud, mobile, social collaboration and big data technologies. This is achieved by extending the enterprises’ existing IT solutions. In this context, the visualisation and analytics of large data volumes are becoming key elements in delivering competitive advantages.

“The amount of produced data is growing exponentially,” said Software AG’s chief technology officer, Dr. Wolfram Jost. “Consequently, the analysis and visualisation of huge data volumes in real timewill become more and more the basis for fast and intelligent business decisions. With the capabilities of JackBe, we will develop further innovative solutions for our customers in order to support their evolution towards the digital enterprise.”

Dr Wolfram Jost, CTO of Software AG

Software AG has acquired JackBe’s corporate head office in Chevy Chase, Maryland, its research and development facility based in Silicon Valley, California as well as its Latin American office in Mexico City. JackBe has a broad customer base in federal government, financial services and the manufacturing sector including customers such as General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, Wells Fargo and Intel, and in the M2M sector is partnering with Axeda Corporation. The company was founded in 2003 and has 70 employees. Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

“We are extremely excited to join the Software AG group. With the innovation, engineering and integration prowess of a global player such as Software AG, we believe our customers will benefit greatly from accelerating enhancements to our solutions, but also gain access to a broader product and service offering,” said John Crupi, chief technology officer of JackBe.


Software AG’s new webMethods Intelligence Business Operations Platform

With the acquisition, Software AG also announced the roll-out of its new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform (IBO) that will use JackBe’s mashup, analytic and visualisation capabilities. The new platform will allow a comprehensive 360-degree view of operational processes by combining live, historical and transactional data with machine-to-machine (M2M or Industrial Internet) communications into real-time visualisations.

Moreover, the platform will provide the real-time intelligence that executives and operational managers need to make immediate, informed decisions and identify changes that impact the business. It includes tools to rapidly implement those changes, including dynamic and automated business processes leading to improved agility and better process outcomes.

JackBe is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Its leading portfolio, Presto, will also be available immediately as a standalone version. It will be integrated with existing Software AG products and solutions, becoming the new visualization and analytics layer across the entire product suite.

More details on Software AG’s new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform will be presented at the company’s global customer event, Innovation World, which will be held in San Francisco, California, from October 8-10, 2013.

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