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M2M Now Magazine October 2013 Edition

M2M Now Magazine October 2013 Edition

Posted by IoT Now MagazineSeptember 23, 2013

M2M Now magazine explores the evolving opportunities and challenges facing CSPs across this sector. Our exclusive interviews pass on some key lessons learned by those who have taken the first steps in next gen Machine to Machine (M2M) services.
In the latest issue:

  • TALKING HEADS: ‘Start ahead’ policy delivers pollution control, opens new markets for ClearConnex
  • EUROPEAN UTILITY WEEK SUPPLEMENT: AMSTERDAM PREVIEW Our 14-page report delves deep into Europe’s leading Utility event. See page 20 for details
  • FOCUS ON BIG DATA ANALYTICS: Truly smart systems for collecting and integrating data from all parts of the business
  • EXPERT OPINION: UTILITY REVENUES & DATA: Miguel Torrao Mendes reminds us that it’s not about selling more energy!
  • EVENT PREVIEW: NICE, FRANCE: If you haven’t already packed, it’s time to check out M2M Innovation World Congress

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Visionaries, Guides and Trouble-shooters: It’s all in a day’s work for M2M executives


Jeremy Cowan, Editor

The editor of M2M Now, Jeremy Cowan

At the end of each year we settle down to share a long list of ideas and nothing stronger than fizzy water as we plan the topics it’s important to cover in features over the coming 12 months. Largely thanks to the help of M2M Now’s experienced and well-connected Editorial Advisors (see People News page 10), it’s good to see another editorial plan
coming together as it has in this issue with a 14-page supplement on Smart Utilities immediately followed by our focus on Big Data Analytics. As the article on page 38-39 shows, these topics now overlap significantly, with utilities starting to win greater loyalty by enabling customers to view their usage and control their water and energy costs. Green Energy Options have been pioneers in helping utilities to improve their image among customers,and in an exclusive interview with the company’s founders (pages 21-24) you can read how data analysis has helped them do it.

In fact, we’ve been given privileged access to more executive talent this month. In our Talking Heads feature we bring you an insight into the mind of a risk-taker, Chris Lowery who set up and sold Interoute, the largest fibre network and cloud computing provider in Europe. Turn to pages 11-13 to see which other businesses – closer to M2M – he is behind, and find out where he thinks the Internet of Things is taking us. It’s not all plain sailing, of course. Inside you can read how Neul, pioneer in using TV ‘white space’ spectrum for M2M, ran into big trouble, and is now digging itself out of its difficulties. It’s a fascinating story, and I’m pleased to say that CEO, Stan Boland tells it solely to M2M Now readers (Neul renewal, pages 53-54). As regular readers will know, our coverage is global and our latest Regional Review takes us to the USA, where journalist Alun Lewis has been talking to M2M network operators, solution vendors, industry associations and analysts about what has put the US so firmly in the lead in M2M (see pages 16-17). We also preview a brand new event the M2M Innovation World Congress, the latest element of World Smart Week in Nice, France (pages 44-45).


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