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Cyan and Ilumatic work together on first Brazilian pilot project

Cyan and Ilumatic work together on first Brazilian pilot project

Posted by Sue Pakenham-WalshDecember 13, 2013

Cambride, UK – Cyan Holdings plc and Ilumatic S/A have announced their first pilot project with Sao Paulo City Hall in Brazil.In the midst of rising energy prices and new regulations, operators of public lighting systems are driven to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. These reductions can be achieved by deploying smart lighting and control management systems.In July, Cyan and Ilumatic entered into a strategic partnership agreement to provide Brazil’s municipalities with CyLux®. This included a US$135,000 order including funding to adapt, qualify and certify Cyan’s CyLux® products to meet the RF spectrum standards in Brazil. The first pilot project will be with Sao Paulo City Hall and will demonstrate cost savings via and intelligent lighting control  monitoring using Ilumatic lamps integrated with CyLux® technology. Sao Paulo City Hall, an existing lighting customer of Ilumatic, manages 550,000 lighting points across the city.

CyLux® is Cyan’s enterprise-level lighting control and management system. It enables significant power savings by enhancing the way in which public lighting energy usage is controlled, measured and managed.  Cyan’s easy to integrate technology is optimised for all lighting technologies including HPS, HID and LED. Cyan’s network is composed of hardware, such as communication modules and data concentrator units, bespoke CyNet™ mesh networking software and application communication platforms for full end-to-end system integration.

Typically, buying decisions on existing lighting equipment require a 24 month payback period and the expectation is that the same will apply to a lighting control system. Previous CyLux® installations have shown a 24-70% power saving, leading to a payback period as short as five months.

Nelson d’Arrigo, General Manager, Ilumatic, commented: “We are pleased to be working with Cyan Technology on this project. The demand for intelligent lighting systems in Brazil is growing rapidly and we are taking the solution to market at the ideal time “.

John Cronin, Executive Chairman, Cyan Technology commented: “We are very pleased that Ilumatic are deploying their first CyLux® installation in such a prestigious location in Sao Paulo and are excited about the opportunities and potential for adoption of Cyan’s technologies throughout the Brazilian smart infrastructure. My visit as part of the Clean & Cool Mission earlier in the year was extremely valuable, giving me the opportunity to meet prospects including Sao Paulo City Hall and allowing me to strengthen links with our Brazilian partners.”

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