Unlocking the total value of M2M

Unlocking the total value of M2M

Do you ever wonder why people and organisations invest in machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT), asks Fred Yentz? Reasons may differ somewhat across industry segments but in most cases they fall in one or more of three categories: To make money, to save money or to be compliant. ILS Technology is squarely focused on helping companies achieve these goals, unlocking the real value of M2M.

The author is Fred Yentz, president and CEO of ILS Technology, a Telit companyILS Technology is a pioneer in the development and deployment of products and services for seamless and secure connectivity and integration between machines and enterprise IT systems. You can imagine why we are very excited about being the newest addition to the ever-growing global Telit family, as we bring valuable services to the ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. experience offering unique synergies and integration of modules with connectivity and application services.

Industry-leading M2M application enablement platform

ILS Technology was among the visionaries to recognise early on that emerging wireless technologies could do more than simply connect people, but also machines to other machines. We started using LAN and WAN, then quickly cellular and satellite to seamlessly integrate remote machines with enterprise systems and databases – unlocking a new wave of real-time, actionable business intelligence and operational efficiencies. Our deviceWISE m2m Application Enablement Platform (AEP) was the industry’s first complete end-to-end M2M platform to provide seamless connectivity and integration across any remote device, any network and any enterprise application in the back office – enabling intelligence in no time.

The secure and scalable platform lets you configure and deploy enterprise-grade remote monitoring and control applications without any programming. For example, using do-it-yourself tools, you can easily determine what devices and functions to monitor and control; when and how frequently to collect information; how often to report data and to whom; what enterprise applications to integrate and what behaviours to ignore or flag and under what conditions to take action, to name a few. The fundamental components of the deviceWISE m2m AEP suite are:

  • Asset Gateway – a powerful agent that turns any gateway or router into a full edge micro analytics engine enabling rapid development of custom applications depending on the customer’s needs;
  • Enterprise Gateway – an enterprise-grade software package that enables rapid integration of data from the deviceWISE m2m Service to the enterprise application that is installed in the customer’s own data centers;
  • Workbench – a powerful application designed with drag-and-drop simplicity to provide speed and flexibility in building gateway and enterprise transaction logic, enabling end-to-end application design with minimal time and effort.

The deviceWISE m2m Platform reduces risk, timeto- market, complexity and cost of deploying solutions for remote monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across virtually all industries and market segments around the world. deviceWISE is offered in three models:

  • Cloud-based M2M Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Popular with companies and enterprise customers large and small – as well as application service providers and system integrators for enabling quick and simple connectivity and integration between their remote devices and back office applications – this usage-based service lets you “pay as you grow”.

  • Mobile network operator M2M application enablement platform

Licensed by carriers and large IT outsourcing and systems integration (SI) companies preferring a turnkey secure and scalable technology platform. ILS Technology provides upfront customisation, integration services, lifecycle technical maintenance and support – letting forward-thinking operators focus on marketing and operating innovative revenue-generating M2M services under their own brand.

  • Enterprise LAN software

Installed and maintained on-site for leading industrial automation companies which depend on mission-critical connectivity and operational efficiencies. Developed to operate within the “four walls” of the enterprise, the software connects and integrates production machines and processes with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) systems.

Open ecosystem

Our M2M platform is designed to work with the majority of devices and software in the market, including Telit modules and m2mAir services. ILS Technology collaborates closely with an everexpanding network of recognised M2M experts and innovators around the world. Our business partners include leading technology and product developers, system integrators and telecom carriers – offering customers hardware and software, integration services and support, wireless network services, custom point solutions and applications, or turnkey commercial deployments, as needed.

Our device and software partners are encouraged to join the deviceWISE Ready program – a comprehensive certification process that ensures interoperability and simple integration.

ILS Technology: A 13-year old company with 30 years of M2M experience

ILS Technology was established around the successful and proven production automation software it had obtained as a spin-off from IBM’s e-Production Solutions line of business in 2000. Having been key contributors to the original software development at IBM, our founders further evolved the production automation software into a market-leading device driver portfolio, scalable server and embedded software offering for the global factory automation market.

The company went on to develop eCentre, the forerunner of the secureWISE suite of products and services. Recognised for enabling secure and controlled remote connectivity and collaboration, secureWISE today continues to be the de facto trusted third party service platform for the semiconductor, solar and cleantech industries.


Leveraging our strong market position in device management, secure remote connectivity and collaboration, ILS Technology created the deviceWISE Platform to provide intelligent and secure connectivity for industrial automation “within the four walls” of manufacturing facilities around the world. deviceWISE seamlessly connects and integrates production equipment on a factory floor with the enterprise resource planning systems and back office.

The vendor-neutral solution can be easily integrated with industry-standard production equipment, making deviceWISE the industrial automation platform of choice. The accomplished deviceWISE platform was then naturally extended over cellular and satellite, immediately becoming recognised as the industry’s leading secure m2m Application Enablement Platform and today a key and integral part of Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. offering.

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