Utility industry white paper published on customer communication and multi-channel payment

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Paderborn, Germany — A new utility industry white paper entitled, How to evolve smart grid roll-outs into a smart customer experience is available for download. The white paper is published by Orga Systems, a software vendor for real-time charging and billing solutions with an international customer base in telecoms, utilities and machine-to-machine (M2M) markets.

The utility sector is changing rapidly, with new technologies, new domains and new business models being introduced around smart metering and smart grid roll-outs. Several challenging factors such as environment, market deregulation and competition are also driving the change and adoption of a more transparent and customer-centric approach to improve customer intimacy.

Moving into an IT-based future

The utilities today are starting to look for best-of-breed solutions in order to solve pain points with their smart grid implementations and prepare for future areas of business, for example in smart homes, e-mobility and renewables. In line with this, scalability is vital in a growing ecosystem as is the ability to leverage experience in other verticals such as telecoms, which is a perfect example on how an industry develops and increases efficiency by moving into an IT-based future.

Orga Systems’ white paper examines why centralised pricing and billing, dynamic customer communication and multi-channel payment help to create true business value for smart metering infrastructures.

Boosting business agility

It is a tremendous shift, says the company, for utilities to grow into a more IT-driven architecture that consolidates and virtualises systems and infrastructure. Nevertheless, this shift is inevitable if utilities want to find a fast, flexible and efficient way of addressing continuously changing business challenges.

This can be accomplished by implementing a flexible smart metering programme with centralised pricing and billing, closely integrated with customer communication channels. This will provide utilities with flexibility, new revenue streams and cost savings, reduced risk and in the end with enhanced customer engagement.

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