On-demand webinar: How to Select the Right Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

How to select the right Internet of Things (IoT) platform

If you missed this Axeda M2M webinar there is still a chance to see it in full. Watch and listen to this free webinar as we discuss new challenges to engineering and IT organizations

Some of the key points covered

  • What is the definition of an IoT platform?
  • What is driving the business need for IoT Platforms?
  • What security and privacy features are “must haves”?
  • What connectivity and device management features are critical?
  • How do platforms process, store and integrate data from machines and sensors?
  • How do platforms manage software and configurations on things?
  • What development and integration tools should you expect?


Bill ZujewskiMatt Hatton
Bill Zujewski
CMO, EVP of Product Strategy
Matt Hatton
Machina Research



 How to Select the Right Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

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