Multi-Tech Systems and Aeris Communications announce partnership

Rod Landers

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, January 27, 2014 – Multi-Tech Systems, a leading provider of M2M products and services, has announced a partnership with Aeris Communications, the Made for Machines™ technology and service provider. The two have come together to provide a comprehensive suite of products and services for deploying IoT solutions globally.

The challenges of design, implementation, and support of complex IoT solutions require deep expertise in hardware, network connectivity and a flexible architecture to support a wide array of enterprise applications. Multi-Tech has a long history of working with the Aeris CDMA network in North America. Now, with Aeris’ expanded access to GSM, the companies collectively have unparalleled flexibility in helping customers deploy connected solutions based on coverage, quality-of-service, and business needs. The partnership will enable customers to quickly deploy purpose built M2M applications with Aeris certified hardware and reliable network services.

Multi-Tech Systems continues to expand its global presence with a broad portfolio of modems, routers and gateway products. The company recently announced European-specific products, including the MultiConnect™ PCIe embedded PCIe mini card communication module, a complete, ready-to-integrate communications device that offers standards-based penta-band HSPA+ 21 performance. Its reliable external devices and future-proof embedded designs are available in both GSM and CDMA to allow companies to more easily expand their IoT solutions on a global scale.


“It’s all about simplifying deployment for our customers,” said Rod Landers (pictured), CEO of Multi-Tech Systems. “We have worked with Aeris for years and have built a reputation for being truly M2M focused in delivering quality solutions to our customers. Now, with Aeris’ expanded services, we are able to offer an expedient path to global deployment, no matter what scenario our customers are faced with.”


Earlier this month, Aeris announced a European expansion, becoming the first M2M service provider offering an end-to-end solution for any geo-market and any wireless technology – CDMA or GSM. This means companies no longer have to sign contracts with different service providers across multiple regions, which significantly minimises operational costs due to eliminating the need to manage multiple interfaces.

“Complexity is the enemy as M2M deployments expand in size, scope, and geographic reach,” said Mark Cratsenburg, Vice President of Sales for Aeris Communications. “Working together with Multi-Tech, we can attack this problem head-on with a solution that spans from the device to the application, across all geographies, and supporting all wireless technologies, delivering M2M programs that are on time and on budget.”



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