On-demand webinar: Forget Connectivity – M2M is All About Device and Data Management

On-demand webinar: Forget Connectivity – M2M is All About Device and Data Management

If you missed this Eurotech M2M webinar there is still a chance to see it in full. Watch and listen to this free webinar as we discuss how the bigger picture of the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine systems fit together.

Some of the key points covered

  • How do IoT and M2M relate to each other?
  • How will IoT affect the way we design and implement M2M systems?
  • What M2M paradigms need to change in the age of IoT?
  • What are the essential characteristics of an IoT ready system?
  • What is available now?


Tim Taberner Jeremy Cowan
Tim Taberner
Product Strategy Manager
Jeremy Cowan
M2M Now Magazine



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