Chinese telecoms vendor shows off its smart city references in Barcelona with ZTE iCity


Shenzhen, China & Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – ZTE Corporation, a Chinese-based global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, this week showcased its new smart city solution, ZTE iCity, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. 

Built around the Urban Operation Centre (UOC) concept, ZTE iCity reportedly strengthens city operations, enables the development of innovative new applications on its open platform, and assists governments in better operating and managing cities.

ZTE iCity’s UOC-based solution has six core capabilities: resource sharing based on cloud computing; a claimed quick and efficient service development support; flexible and diverse services sharing and integration; a ‘big data’ processing and analysis capability; multi-layer and multi-level protection, authorisation, and authentication; and unified and automated operation and management (O&M) capability.

The solution consists of a cloud platform, two portals, and four components. It can be integrated into existing IT systems, streamline governments’ procedures, and provide smart services for the public. The cloud platform works with a remote data centre to minimise hardware costs. The four major components of the system are a data sharing and exchange component, a database, a capability engine, and a service bus. These provide an information platform which can integrate with governments’ internal application systems and provide information services for third parties.

The two portals include a public information portal for interaction with citizens and a city operation portal for internal urban management. The UOC builds a basic framework for application interworking and platform sharing in a smart city. In addition, it provides basic data processing capabilities for applications.

“With the rapid development of smart cities, open platform and data sharing will become more and more important,” said Mr. Xu Ming, ZTE’s vice-president and general manager of the Government & Enterprise Business Division.  “In the Chinese city of Ningbo, ZTE has built a unified transportation information service platform for citizens and enterprises. This platform is not only convenient for public transportation, but also provides support for independent application development.


In Venezuela, ZTE has deployed a nationwide pharmaceutical logistics management solution for the Ministry of Health. This solution helps the ministry avoid losses caused by expired drugs. ZTE is also participating in developing information platform standards for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China. As an information platform provider, ZTE is willing to cooperate closely with all smart city application solution providers.”

ZTE iCity is now being used in over 40 countries worldwide and in 108 cities in China. ZTE was awarded the ‘2013 Smart City Benchmark Enterprise’ award by research organization IDG and named ‘2013 Best Smart City Solution Provider’ by the China Cloud Computing Award (CCCA) for its smart city applications.

ZTE is a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions with a product range covering virtually every telecommunications sector, including wireless, access & bearer, VAS, terminals and professional services. The company delivers products and services to over 500 operators in more than 160 countries, helping them to meet the changing needs of their customers while growing revenue.

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