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Kerlink launches first long range gateway dedicated to the Internet of Things

Kerlink launches first long range gateway dedicated to the Internet of Things

Posted by Sue Pakenham-WalshMarch 7, 2014

Thorigné Fouillard, France, March 3, 2014 – Kerlink M2M technologies, supplier of M2M solutions for the interconnection of remote equipment, has announced the incorporation of Semtech LoRa(TM) technology into its new product, the Long Range IoT Station.

This product is intended for M2M connectivity services and Internet of Things operators wishing to operate their network in their own right. It is said to greatly simplify the implementation of the network and the operation of the end-points, reduces infrastructure costs (there are no repeaters) and makes compatibility with existing solutions / protocols (WMBUS, 6lowPan, etc.) possible. Finally, it enables the enterprise to concentrate its resources on its core business and on the application.

The Long Range IoT Station is the first terminal devoted to the Internet of Things based on the Semtech LoRaTM long distance communication technologies.


For example, installed on the relay antenna of a telecommunications operator, on the roof of a building or a water tower, it can establish bidirectional communications with several thousand items of intelligent equipment (sensors, meters, connected things) which are several kilometres away. To do this it uses techniques similar to that of cellular radio communication switchboards (frequency hop, automatic adaptation of the bandwidth with each object) to provide a connection that adapts to the propagation conditions and is very resistant to interference.



Kerlink is a partner of the Rennes Atalante Technopole and operates in the M2M communications market with communicating products (Linux boxes, GPS, GPRS, WLAN) and managed services enabling fixed (energy meters) or mobile (vehicles for the transport of goods or people) equipment to be linked to the information system of a company or organisation.

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