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Green Energy Options’ technology helps Siemens scoop prestigious award for innovation

Green Energy Options’ technology helps Siemens scoop prestigious award for innovation

Posted by Sue Pakenham-WalshMarch 12, 2014

Cambridge, UK, March 10, 2014 – Green Energy Options (geo) is proud to announce that development partner Siemens has been awarded Smart Metering Technology of the Year at the recent European Smart Metering Awards for its pioneering solution to deploy smart meters in multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

Siemens and geo have worked together to develop a unique shared infrastructure solution that utilises a broadband over powerline (BPL) backbone integrated with Zigbee wireless radio technology that enables smart meters to be installed, commissioned and connected to a Wide Area Network gateway.

In the UK, around 2.3 million households are at risk of not receiving the energy and cost savings offered by the smart meter programme, simply because they live in buildings, such as high-rise apartment blocks, where the installation of a smart meter is particularly complex. Without this solution, energy suppliers could be forced to install special infrastructure requiring additional engineering visits, representing poor value for money and unnecessary disruption for landlords and customers.


Kevin Tutton, Head of Operational Services at Siemens Smart Grid Division, said: “Developing an effective, secure solution to address smart metering in high-rise properties is an issue for the UK energy market. We’re delighted to receive this award which confirms the commitment we’ve put into creating the debate and developing the solution for energy consumers living in high-rise, low-rise and converted flats.”


geo CEO Patrick Caiger-Smith adds: “This development marks a significant step forward on the path to making smart energy management available to everyone. Siemens can now make multi-dwelling properties ‘smart ready’. Simple installation of individual smart energy devices can then happen at any time. This new technology therefore solves a major problem in the UK, where a substantial portion of the population live in apartments and would otherwise be unable to benefit from the smart meter programme.”


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