M2M Now Magazine May 2014 Edition

M2M Now Magazine May edition

M2M Now magazine explores the evolving opportunities and challenges facing CSPs across this sector. Our exclusive interviews pass on some key lessons learned by those who have taken the first steps in next gen Machine to Machine (M2M) services.
In the latest issue:

  • TALKING HEADS: Telit’s Oozi Cats describes the challenges of connecting vehicles to the internet
  • SUPPLEMENT: M2M SERVICE DELIVERY & PLATFORMS: M2M Now’s unrivalled 20-page Supplement finds that M2M service business models are evolving fast. It’s just as well, this still looks like the Wild West.
  • COMPANY NEWS: KORE swings a deal with Jazz; Telenor does more
  • M2M NOW INSIGHT REPORT: Continuing our new series of specially commissioned Insight Reports, Greg Basich of Strategy Analytics Automotive Multimedia and Communications Services examines the many business challenges and technological opportunities in automotive M2M and internet-connected vehicles. Click here to read>>

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One of M2M’s ‘dirty little secrets’

Jeremy Cowan, Editor
The editor of M2M Now, Jeremy Cowan

There was a breath of fresh air this month from Will Franks, CEO of Senaptic, a company spun out of UK-based technology provider Plextek. Senaptic don’t roll out technology, it seems, they roll out a proven business model. While global giants are still offering “slideware” on the future of Smart Cities in the Internet of Everything, Senaptic has already deployed over 8 million devices covering applications that include smart city monitoring of parking availability (Moscow, Russia), vehicle tracking, smart metering and remote control and monitoring of hundreds of thousands of UK street lights (search ‘Senaptic’ on www.iot-now.com).

In this issue, we are proud to bring you our second Insight Report, this time on Automotive M2M. Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Multimedia and Communications Service’s global report (pages 18-25), specially commissioned by M2M Now, covers brought-in and built-in connectivity, telematics platforms, eCall, car sharing, V2X technologies and driverless cars. You won’t be surprised to learn that it also looks at the revenue challenge. On pages 37-40 Steve Millstein tackles this challenge, one of M2M’s ‘dirty little secrets’, pointing to pitiful renewal rates of just 5-10% for connected car subscriptions when free services lapse. It has encouraged his company, Aeris, to adopt a very different approach to monetising automotive M2M. Wait, there’s more.

There’s a special bound-in supplement (starting on page 41) looking at the challenges of delivering M2M services in what Jasper’s CEO calls “the Wild, Wild West”, and we examine what this means for M2M platforms. We also aim to banish the confusion around multiple uses of the term ‘M2M platform’. Finally, if your copy of M2M Now also goes West don’t worry, you can read it free online at iot-now.com.

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