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Novatel Wireless and Chipin BV to deliver usage based insurance solutions to European markets

Novatel Wireless and Chipin BV to deliver usage based insurance solutions to European markets

Posted by Sue Pakenham-WalshMay 5, 2014

San Diego, California, USA (Business Wire) – Novatel Wireless, Inc., a provider of intelligent wireless solutions, and Chipin B.V., a provider of innovative solutions for insurance and fleet management based on dynamic pricing, have announced that Novatel Wireless will supply its MT 3060 and N4A Device Manager to support usage based insurance (UBI) programmes in the Benelux Region.

Chipin will provide UBI solutions to the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg regions. This deployment, under the label ‘fairzekering’ for consumers, will showcase a technology infrastructure that will serve as a model for future UBI deployments.

These UBI programmes have the potential to reward good drivers with monthly opportunities to receive up to 25% of their cash back and promote driver safety by using ideal behaviour to reduce vehicular accidents.

The MT 3060 mobile tracking device is a plug-and-play, self-installed device that can be deployed in minutes by any driver, providing a wealth of diagnostic, maintenance and driving performance information to power commercial and consumer telematics services. The device collects and controls critical data from the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port and securely delivers that information to the cloud, supporting all five engine OBD-II protocols. It boasts a highly sensitive 3-axis accelerometer for measuring driver behaviour, parallel GPS/GNSS satellite location capability and sophisticated technology for impact detection.

This capability enables the MT 3060 to detect driver behaviours, such as vehicle speed, location, hard braking, cornering and impact data, necessary for UBI policy rating and other consumer telematics services. The MT 3060 further optimises performance with an innovative antenna design and disconnect alert feature using an on-board backup battery.

Novatel Wireless’ robust M2M software offerings quickly build connectivity from Internet protocol-enabled remote assets to existing enterprise applications, accelerating customer application integration. The N4A Device Manager is a robust platform for the management, configuration, self-care and support of Novatel Wireless M2M devices.


Peter Leparulo, CEO, Novatel Wireless (pictured), said: “Novatel Wireless’ M2M OBD-II products are designed to meet the needs of our customers in the growing area of UBI. By leveraging the advanced reporting capabilities of the MT 3060 and comprehensive device management features of the N4A Device Manager, Chipin is prepared to support full featured UBI programmes in the Benelux region.”


Hans Gerritsen, CEO, Chipin, said: “We want to show that customers will benefit from UBI with more safety, fewer accidents and fair dynamic pricing. In cooperation with Novatel Wireless and its advanced devices and technologies, we will deliver and expand this proposition to the Benelux market. We are looking forward to creating that future with Novatel Wireless for our clients.”


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