New tracking option added to Lightfoot fleet fuel saving product

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Ashwoods Lightfoot Ltd has launched a new option to its in-cab driver efficiency product, Lightfoot®.

Following feedback from customers, Ashwoods is now offering Lightfoot® with the option of a new tracking facility. The additional option means that fleet managers will be able to enjoy all the advantages of Lightfoot’s unique time, cost, fuel, accident and CO2 saving functionality with the added benefit of being able to conduct real-time tracking of fleet vehicles.

Launched in 2012, Lightfoot® has been developed to meet the needs of busy fleet managers by providing a simple, weekly report containing at-a-glance insights into fleet performance and confirmation of sustained fuel and CO2 savings. It also aims to proactively ‘fix’ driver behaviour at source by providing real-time visual and audible training,

The new tracking facility, which will give fleet managers the extra option of accessing up-to-the-minute data on vehicle location and movement is due to be launched at Drive It @ Bruntingthorpe, 10-12 July 2014, where interested customers will be able to test drive a vehicle fitted with Lightfoot®.

“Feedback from the fleet managers we are already working with have reported significant results with minimal management intervention, and excellent driver buy-in due to the positive and non-invasive way Lightfoot® supports change and provides feedback,” said Mark Roberts, Managing Director, Ashwoods Lightfoot Ltd.

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