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Greenvity Communications and Brain & Iris Technologies announce joint development of IoT products

Greenvity Communications and Brain & Iris Technologies announce joint development of IoT products

Posted by IoT Now MagazineJune 12, 2014

Greenvity Communications and Brain & Iris Technologies (BITPL) of Pune, India, announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for joint development of Internet of Things (IoT) products, consisting of smart meters, lighting nodes, and wireless and powerline communications (PLC) modules.

Through this joint development,Greenvity and BITPL expect to generate synergy through aggregating their respective strengths that will allow them to capture a significant share of the global market for smart meters and communication modules.

Greenvity’s innovative and patented hybrid communication technology integrates standards-based PLC and wireless technologies for robustness and extended range, enabling faster time-to-market and flexibility for OEMs and ODMs to customize and scale up or down the modules and the baseline software to fit specific applications. Their total turnkey IoT solutions include SoCs, modules, software, and mobile apps that enable any home device or IoT device to be smart and controllable for energy-saving and home and building automation purposes.

BITPL has developed various IoT applications in energy management, metering, and powerline communication-based remote management of nodes.

First prototypes of smart lighting nodes are expected to be ready by Q3 2014, followed by field trials. Integration of Greenvity’s technologies with the smart meters already developed by BITPL will make this product a formidable force in the emerging global smart meter market.

In their joint statement, Mr. Deepak Chandran, Group CEO, Brain & Iris group, and Mr. Hung Nguyen, CEO, Greenvity Communications, stated that the future belongs to IoT technologies and products that will ensure energy efficiency and remote control, and both Greenvity and BITPL see a great potential for joint development of various IoT products.

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