WirelessCar provides connected service solutions for QorosQloud

Stockholm, Sweden (Business Wire) –Telematics service provider WirelessCar has announced that it will be providing in-car connectivity solutions to Qoros, the international car brand based in China.

The car connectivity module, the Dispatcher, delivered by WirelessCar, is the bridge between the service back-end and the in-vehicle electronics, using China Unicom’s 3G mobile network. The Dispatcher manages the telematics data delivery to QorosQloud™ services in a high security and robust environment. WirelessCar collaborated with Microsoft to base its solution on the Windows Azure platform. These services are currently delivered in China as part of a worldwide agreement with Qoros that will expand as the new car brand enters global markets in the future.


“Qoros is a new brand on the market and has taken a very innovative approach to connected services with QorosQloud and it has generated a lot of interest. WirelessCar is proud and excited to be part of this by providing expertise in connectivity to deliver a reliable and secure module, the Dispatcher, for Qoros’ in-car connected services,” said Martin Rosell, Managing Director at WirelessCar. “As well as adding to our clientele in China, the largest automotive market in the world, Qoros is an invaluable client for WirelessCar because of its innovation in connectivity and its focus on delivering a total customer experience,” concluded Rosell.


“We are at the leading edge of some of the most advanced technologies and services with QorosQloud,” said Maurits Aalberse, Director of Connected Services at Qoros. “And, as a pioneering leader in the field, the support and expertise of specialist solutions providers like WirelessCar is of fundamental importance. We look forward to the long term support of WirelessCar to help Qoros establish a strong position as innovators in the development of new connected services that are valued by our customers.”


QorosQloud provides more than 30 services to Qoros motorists, in the car with the Qoros MMH™ (Multi Media Hub) eight-inch touchscreen, and away from the car via a dedicated website, and a bespoke mobile app. It enhances the way owners interact with and incorporate their car into their digital lives. The exclusive suite of connected services enables motorists to remain ‘always-connected’ to navigation and traffic information, social networks, and the car’s condition, maintenance and service requirements. QorosQloud is currently available in the Qoros 3 Sedan, the brand’s first production model, and the Qoros 3 Hatch which will join the Sedan in the brand’s growing dealer network from the middle of this year.

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