Smart homes for everyone: AIRFY develops intelligent beacon technology for consumers


London, July 15th 2014: Imagine waking up in the morning, grabbing your smartphone and it automatically turning on the lights in your bedroom. Or while you freshen up in the bathroom, your phone telling your coffee machine to start brewing in the kitchen and your radio to play your favorite song in the dining room.

This is how your day could start in an airfy enabled smart home. With their smart Beacon solution, the Wi-Fi experts at airfy ( have developed the technology to enable users to finally realize the full potential of existing smart technology, including Philips Hue™ lighting and Nest™ thermostats.

aifry’s appealingly designed Beacons connect wirelessly to your smartphone via a bluetooth low energy (iBeacon) connection and with help of airfy’s easy-to-use app the system makes smart home elements such as Hue™ or Nest™ fully controllable and customizable.

Steffen Siewert, founder and CEO of airfy, says: “People have to pay a small fortune for a really individual, smart home at the moment. That shouldn’t be the case. Our airfy Beacon solution takes existing smart home technology to the next level and makes creative home automation completely affordable.”

“Our airfy Beacons allow you to make your home really smart and by using one or more of our Beacons – tiny receivers that connect to your phone – you can wirelessly hook up your airfy system to your Philips HUE™ lights, your NEST™ thermostate heating, your music player or your television; then you can use our airfy app to change the behavior of your devices based on your proximity, the time of day, the number of people in your apartment – almost anything you could think of.”

After successfully financing the development of their commercial airfy HotSpot technology through the ‘crowd’ in 2013, starting production with 392 percent of their financing goal, airfy turns to the crowd once again to collect the needed seed capital to start series production of their Beacon. The Berlin-based company has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today ( to start series production of their Beacon product.

●     Lighting, heating, entertainment – Berlin-based start-up offers personal, cost-efficient home automation

●     airfy’s Beacon allows users to realize the full potential of existing smart home gadgets such as Nest™ and Hue™

●     Ready for production – crowdfunding campaign to kick-off series production of the airfy Beacon launches today

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