Turkcell announces its connected car platform for more access to information and fun on the go


Istanbul, Turkey, (Business Wire) – Turkish telecommunications and technology company, Turkcell,  has announced Turkey’s first connected car platform. The platform connects the car and its driver to mobile internet and essential location-based services, enriching the driving experience.

Turkcell’s connected car platform, which will be available in select Subaru and Volvo models in Turkey as of August 1st, offers an infotainment screen that works online. The driver can connect to vital information and entertainment under three categories: navigation, Internet and roadside assistance. Through this menu, the Turkcell connected car platform allows the driver to:

• Track traffic in real time and optimize the route.

• Locate and get directions to parking lots, pharmacies and gas stations.

• Get real time financial updates and locate nearby ATMs of partnering banks. Garanti Bank of Turkey is the first partner of the platform.

• Share the car’s own location information with friends, colleagues and roadside assistance.

• Stay connected to social network platforms while ensuring safety in traffic. Social media access shuts down automatically when the driving speed exceeds 10 km/hr.

• Enjoy music online with Turkcell’s live music streaming service Fizy which includes 3 million song alternatives.

Selen Kocabas, Turkcell’s Chief Corporate Business Officer underlined Turkcell’s leading role in M2M technologies.


“Turkcell launched the first M2M SIM card in Turkey in 2011. Today, 2 out of every 3 M2M SIM cards in Turkey are issued by Turkcell. We were the first company to open an M2M call centre. We are excited to add another first to our M2M offerings with Turkcell’s connected car platform that integrates drivers into the car ecosystem,” said Kocabas.


Yigit Kulabas, Turkcell’s Chief Corporate Marketing Officer, emphasised the need for localised M2M products in Turkey.


“With its connected car platform, Turkcell once again proves its global perspective in making technological solutions available to its customers. This product also fills an important void in the Turkish market – not many connected car solutions serve local needs. With this platform, Turkcell localises the essential information on the internet for drivers through a user-friendly interface offering great customer experience.”



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