Orange and TAPcheck® join forces to develop connected objects in the healthcare sector

Health Care

TAPcheck®  specialises in the production and distribution of healthcare and wellness products. Due to the integration and hosting of its healthcare and wellness applications on the Orange Business Services Flexible Computing platform, TAPcheck® is now in a position to make its health products connected.

This partnership agreement was implemented to allow TAPcheck® to market an end-to-end service. The collaboration, which will initially be restricted to Europe, will consist of marketing equipment such as connected glucose monitors, tensiometers, thermometers, scales and activity sensors to hospitals.

These connected objects will allow healthcare professionals to access patients’ personal data, as well as the history of all data uploaded during medical aftercare, easily and in real time via an application. One of the objectives of this partnership is to work together to develop various methods of bringing connected products to the market within the hospital and the public. It will also present an opportunity to incorporate other major economic stakeholders who wish to be involved with the partnership.

All TAPcheck® products are equipped with NFC and Bluetooth technology, as well as any other technology that can be used for healthcare data transmission, so patient data can be transferred from the device to the dedicated application. Thanks to its approved personalised Healthcare Data Hosting Platform, Orange can guarantee secure access and respond to all client demands with regard to the applicable regulations concerning connected healthcare objects in France and in Europe.

This joint value proposal will be developed at an international level, with an approach that focuses specifically on hosting within European countries.

“The emergence of new technologies that are adapted to and integrated into medical devices or health monitoring products will allow us to gradually bring about a revolution in individual health monitoring and consciousness. The harmonisation of the requirements in this regard and their adaptation thanks to the assistance and the involvement of health professionals will ensure that the Orange / TAPcheck® partnership proves to be a continued success”, says Alain Chemla, Chairman of TAPcheck® Holding Ltd.

“This partnership agreement between TAPcheck® and Orange will support the development and personalisation of medical aftercare, thanks to the use of connected objects within hospitals and in the context of home care or hospital care in the home. It is a tool for medico-economic rationalisation in the service of patient comfort and targeted medicine”, says Thierry Zylberberg, Director of Orange Healthcare, the healthcare division of Orange Business Services.

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