Numerex receives 2014 M2M Telehealth Award

Numerex, announced that the HeartAssistRemote™ Monitoring System powered by Numerex recently received a 2014 M2M Telehealth Award from M2M Evolution Magazine.

Numerex enables the HeartAssistRemote™ device by providing cellular connectivity, gateway and application services, as well as on-going support. From the beginning, Numerex partnered with ReliantHeart to design and implement the services that power the VadLink® Network. The solution was enabled by Numerex FAST®, a cloud-based, highly scalable, horizontal service delivery platform which is complemented by an intelligent, web-based management portal. The NumerexFAST platform gives customers like ReliantHeart, the ability to offer relevant solutions to their customers; and in this case, allows clinicians to monitor patients supported by the HeartAssist product.

ReliantHeart’s HeartAssistRemote™, enabled by the Numerex Network, continually receives data from heart patients and transmits the data in bursts to a controlled and secure data center. This data can be viewed remotely by health professionals and may avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. Overall, the HeartAssistRemote™ Monitoring allows clinicians to respond proactively in the event that there is an issue with the patient’s treatment regimen.

“We are honored that this ground-breaking M2M healthcare device has been recognised by the industry. Numerex has a long history of developing innovative solutions utilising the NumerexFAST platform. Our end-to-end capabilities and services allowed the ReliantHeart solution to become a reality. For patients, remote monitoring utilising this device permits relevant heart data to be reported around the clock to caregivers that are miles away,” said Jeff Smith, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for Numerex.

“The partnership with Numerex has been spectacular. They provided the expertise we needed along with their Numerex DNA® solution to move our idea quickly and reliably to market,” said Rodger Ford, CEO of ReliantHeart.

“The solutions selected for the M2M Telehealth Award reflect the advancement of innovation driving the machine-to-machine telehealth market. It is my honor to congratulate Numerex for their innovative work and superior contribution to the rapidly evolving M2M industry,” said Carl Ford, CEO of Crossfire Media, a co-publisher of M2M Evolution Magazine.

“It is my pleasure to recognise HeartAssistRemote™, an innovative solution that earned Numerex the 2014 M2M Telehealth Award,” said Rich Tehnrani, CEO, TMC. “I look forward to seeing more innovative solutions from Numerex in the future.”

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