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China and Taiwan harmonise on as their ‘smart home’ wireline network technology

China and Taiwan harmonise on as their ‘smart home’ wireline network technology

Posted by Anita PodsiadloSeptember 1, 2014

Mainland China and Taiwan have agreed to harmonise on as their ‘smart home’ wireline home network technology. Reports from Taiwan indicate that the country’s Institute for Information Industry (III) has played a leading role in this effort.

For several years, there have been meetings between Mainland China and Taiwan on harmonising technology under the banner of the “Cross-Strait Forum on Information Industry and Technology Standards” (see This is jointly organised by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Taiwan’s SINOCON Industrial Standards Foundation. A recent important conclusion was that is to be the standard for wireline home networks for both Mainland China and Taiwan.

At the Xian meeting, III led a delegation of Taiwanese companies involved in smart home devices, home networks and their components, including Metanoia, Realtek, and Allion Test Labs. The Taiwanese delegation included such industry leaders as Lai Junheng, vice-president of Allion, Wu Jiande, president of Metanoia Communications and Dr. Ko Hsien-Tang, director general of III. They exchanged views on smart home and home network technologies with Chinese counterparts from Xingtera, Huawei, ZTE, China Telecom and China Mobile.

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