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Electric scooter with smartphone connection is launched in Europe by Terra Motors

Electric scooter with smartphone connection is launched in Europe by Terra Motors

Posted by Anita PodsiadloSeptember 12, 2014

Terra Motors Corporation, Japan’s manufacturer of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, starts commercial sale of “A4000i” in European countries, the electric scooter with smartphone connection.

Terra Motors displays A4000i at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Itary in November and calls for distributors.

Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Motors said, “There has already been a concept model of electric motorcycles with smart phones. However, when it comes to e-scooters produced by mass production, there has been no e-scooter and A4000i is the world-first mass production model. Today, we are pleased to finally announce the sale start of A4000i in European countries.”

A4000i will project potential of electric motorcycles.

  • Smartphone Connection

One of the main functions is the smartphone connection with the powertrain of A4000i. The native application is capable of storing the following data on cloud database.

  1. Electricity consumption during driving.
  2. State of Charge (SOC)
  3. Driving behaviour : Driving duration, max/min/ave speed etc.

Terra Motors aims to collect and analyse the data above and deliver new big data-based services in the future.

  • Japanese Quality

In China, more than 30,000,000 units of electric motorcycles are sold annually. So Chinese electric motorcycles have large market share all over the world due to their price. However, it encounters technical problems in battery life as well as accessibility of spare parts due to poor service network.

A4000i creates bland to eliminate such stigmas above.(Cheap but insufficient product quality and service.). Each component is made by Japanese manufacture, like Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd., ASAHI DENSO CO., LTD., etc….

In addition, A4000i is also suitable for rough road in countryside, and it has seating capability for 2 people.

  • Battery created in-house R&D

A4000i is powered by original the removable lithium battery of A4000i is developed by in-house R&D. The battery endurance is about 50,000 km. This figure is five times longer than electric motorcycles in Chinese market.

Terra Motors will continue to expand business all over the world to achieve our vision “Leading innovations with Electric Vehicles in creating clean & sustainable society”.

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