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South Korea’s Ecube Labs uses Vodafone M2M platform to take ‘smart green’ technology global

South Korea’s Ecube Labs uses Vodafone M2M platform to take ‘smart green’ technology global

Posted by Anita PodsiadloSeptember 23, 2014

Ecube Labs, a South Korea based green venture established in 2011 in waste management industry, has announced its plans to further expand operations into five markets globally including the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. The company is working with Vodafone’s global M2M business to enable its global expansion plans.

Ecube Labs provide integrated waste management solution that comprises the Clean Cube – a solar-powered compaction bin which compresses rubbish and holds up to 8 times more rubbish than ordinary bins do; as well as the Clean Cap – a solar-powered rubbish fill-level sensor that can be attached to any existing bins to detect how full the bin is. Both the Clean Cube and the Clean Cap send waste fill-level information to the server via the Vodafone M2M global platform so that waste collection managers can use real-time monitoring software called Clean Cube Networks (CCN) to monitor bins’ status in their responsible area using their laptops or mobile devices.

The CEO at Ecube Labs, Sunbeom Gwon said: “Our vision for the world at Ecube Labs’ is to help waste management companies cut their collection cost through efficient monitoring and the allocation of an appropriate amount of labour at a right time. We began expanding our business into the European market in 2013 leveraging the Vodafone global M2M platform. We are seeing demand for our unique smart green technology globally. The Vodafone relationship helps take away our – and our customers – worry of connecting up our products and reliably collecting the data from the products. This is an invaluable relationship for us – and one that we see growing from strength to strength over the years.”

Ecube Labs will showcase the most recent version of their products at RWM 2014 (booth: 4C90), Europe’s premier resource efficiency and waste management solutions conference, to be held in Birmingham from September 16th to 18th, 2014.

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