Kizy Tracking presents its new tracker at POST EXPO 2014 for the first time in Europe


Thanks to a device smaller than a smartphone, any postal shipment can now be tracked in real-time through an online platform. Until now, these kinds of solutions were expensive and limited to high value goods. Kizy Tracking offers an innovative solution with similar functionalities for a cost less than one-tenth the price of competing GPS solutions on the market.

A tracker designed for the postal market

Today, GPS trackers are unable to locate objects inside buildings or containers as they require a line of sight with satellites. Furthermore, their energy-autonomy is limited to a few days only, whereas the tracker developed by Kizy Tracking offers up to 1 year of battery lifetime. It can locate any object anywhere where a mobile phone network is available. The existing infrastructure covers 95% of the worlds countries and there is no need for further investments in specific infrastructure.

The device has been especially designed to fulfill the specific requirements of the postal industry: thanks to its compact dimensions and its weight under 50 grams, it fits in every parcel or letter and can be returned easily after delivery using the worldwide postal standard product International Business Reply Service (IBRS). With Kizy Tracking, the customer benefits therefore from a continuous tracking from sender to receiver.

Near-real time tracking for the cost of 1 SMS per day

“For many Postal Organisations, e-commerce is the future market to focus on. With the growing path of ecommerce shipments comes the customers expectation for supply-chain visibility and track & trace services. At the same time, cost pressure is forcing postal operators to optimise their inventory and asset management. We make advanced tracking functionalities – which were up until now limited to high-end niche applications – accessible to every company. This opens new paths towards better customer service, quality monitoring and operational efficiency” says Torsten Wilm, chief operations officer of Kizy Tracking.

The suggested end-user price of the reusable K-1 GSM tracker is USD 35.- and the online tracking service starts at USD 0.25 per day. The cost of use is therefore less than one-tenth the price of competing GPS solutions on the market.

See you in Stockholm

The Swiss company Kizy Tracking will present its innovation for the first time in Europe at POST EXPO 2014 from September 23th to 25th 2014, hall A, stand 17:09.

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