Telefonica O2 Ireland’s Brian D’Arcy to lead Anam Technologies Managed Services

Anam Technologies, has appointed Brian D’Arcy as global VP of Managed Services.  Brian joins Anam Technologies from his position of Commercial director-O2 Media at Telefonica O2 Ireland.

Brian’s appointment comes as Anam ramps up to capitalise on the growth of A2P SMS revenue assurance. Operators send each other SMS all the time, however in most cases there is no contract to cover a termination fee for these SMS. This loop hole, commonly known as “Grey Routes”, is exploited by some aggregators. The result is Operators carrying the traffic but receive no payment. During his five-year tenure at Telefonica O2, Brian worked closely with Anam’s revenue assurance technology to secure new annual net revenues of €2.5 million from billing 90 million A2P SMS per year.  Prior to this project O2 delivered the traffic but saw none of the revenue. This scenario is common place as over 70% of Operators do not have a revenue assurance solution in place to handle Grey Route A2P SMS.

Brian D’Arcy, VP of Managed Services, Anam

Brian joins Anam as the company capitalises on growth of the A2P SMS markets through its proven and patented home routing technology.  He will also be instrumental in using his background in product development to assist with Anam’s growth in SMS security and Managed Services.

D’Arcy is an experienced member of the telecommunications industry with over 17 years’ experience.  Prior to his role at Telefonica O2 Ireland Brian was responsible for content and applications at content solutions provider iQ Global, owned by BT.  He also co-founded the MVNO, Imagine Mobile, and is the chairman of the “Mobile Operator Messaging Forum” whose members include Vodafone, Telefonica, 3 and Eircom.

“I am thrilled to welcome Brian to the Anam team.  We successfully worked with Brian to implement revenue generating technologies into Telefonica O2 Ireland and it’s a testament to the success of that project that Brian has joined us to drive our SMS Revenue Assurance offerings across the globe.” said Louise O’Sullivan, CEO of Anam Technologies. “Coming straight from the MNO, Brian brings with him a unique perspective and experience which will be invaluable in supporting our Mobile Operator customers but also driving our business forward.”

Brian D’Arcy said: “I am genuinely excited to be working with Anam. They are a well-established team of very capable people, who have robust and proven Technology that has been deployed with over 60 networks.  In terms of the opportunity, 70% of Operators do not have any form of A2P filtering on Grey Routes while at the same time A2P SMS is growing by over 20% Year on Year. The opportunity is huge and Anam are brilliantly positioned ”.


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