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GTC launches advanced satellite asset tracking solution using SPOT Trace and GTCTrack

GTC launches advanced satellite asset tracking solution using SPOT Trace and GTCTrack

Posted by Anita PodsiadloOctober 8, 2014

Global Telesat Communications Ltd (GTC), has announced the launch of their most cost-effective satellite asset tracking solution to date. Utilising the new SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker and their GTCTrack mapping portal users can track vehicles, motorbikes, caravans, motorhomes and any other assets they wish to monitor.  

GTC’s SPOT Trace offer provides a unique and complete solution from supply of the hardware and annual subscription to custom configuration of the device and mapping settings for the user before delivery.

Unlike some tracking systems using GSM networks SPOT Trace transmits using the Globalstar satellite network ensuring no loss of coverage throughout the UK, Europe and the majority of most other land masses around the world.   “Asset tracking is becoming more and more sought-after and customers have shown great interest in our SPOT Trace solution – not only does it provide near global coverage but it is also offered at a price to rival traditional tracking providers” said David Phipps, managing director of GTC.

For a fixed annual subscription the user can view unlimited location data every 2.5, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes, receive movement, status, low battery and power off alerts.  Not only is the SPOT Trace cost-effective but it is also flexible in terms of set-up.  Installation is quick and easy and can be performed by the end-user which allows the device to be easily transferred between assets if required.  Measuring just 5.13 x 6.83 cm SPOT Trace is easily concealed and battery or line power options are available.

Using a Google Earth interface, GTCTrack will display a breadcrumb trail of the track points transmitted and also allows the user to filter track points by specific devices, dates and times, view co-ordinates with different mapping overlays and provide past location and movement history reports.  For fleet managers GTCTrack can also be set-up to provide alerts based on numerous events such as location changes and start or finish of journey.

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