New mini COFDM transmitter for body worn and surveillance applications from MEL Secure Systems


MEL Secure Systems, has launched Ranger Mini, a new and compact COFDM H.264 digital video transmitter.  It supports high quality, real-time video monitoring and recording applications for body worn, mobile and temporary CCTV applications and delivers images at distances of up to 1 km in non-line-of-sight urban environments. 

In line-of-sight environments, a range of 15km has also been achieved. Ranger Mini is designed to meet the needs of users in a wide range of law enforcement, security and military applications.

Ranger Mini provides class-leading performance and uses ultra-narrowband to provide exceptional range and video quality in high multipath environments regardless of line-of-sight as well as enabling users to co-locate more channels in the increasingly crowded RF spectrum. It is available in a wide range of frequencies including 1.3, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz while bandwidth is available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 MHz.  Built-in AES 128/256-bit encryption ensures that the highest security standards are maintained.

Optional receiver kits include an LCD monitor and integrated DVR and enable high quality, interference free images to be received from up to four cameras simultaneously. Standalone receivers have diversity aerials as standard.

According to MEL Secure Systems:  “This new mini COFDM transmitter simplifies the process of deploying body worn cameras and meets the performance requirements for a wide range of surveillance applications.  The compact size of the unit also allows it to be used to provide clear images from the new generation of commercial and military drones.”

The dimensions are 86mm x 56mm x 25mm.

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