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Cinemo co-operates with Renesas on the R-Car M2 and Renesas R-Car H2

Cinemo co-operates with Renesas on the R-Car M2 and Renesas R-Car H2

Posted by Anita PodsiadloOctober 20, 2014

Cinemo and Renesas Electronics Europe, have announced that Cinemo now has full support for the Renesas R-Car M2 and Renesas R-Car H2 Series of automotive Systems-on-Chip (SoCs). These have been designed to address growing integrated dashboard and information device market demands.

Capable of delivering more than 12,000 DMIPS and twice the graphics performance of previous generation high-end devices, the R-Car M2 supports high-definition navigation, real-time voice control and other advanced features to provide enhanced connected user experiences within the car. The Renesas R-Car H2 delivers more than 25,000 DMIPS, and provides high performance and state-of-the-art 3D graphics capabilities for high-end multimedia and navigation automotive systems.

Cinemo’s multimedia platform utilises the R-Car M2 and H2 architecture for Blu-Ray and Full HD video playback, streaming, ultra-fast media management, connectivity, and full Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) including distributed playback, whilst enabling video hardware acceleration with extremely low CPU loads.

renesas-logoCinemo and Renesas are currently engaged with multiple customer projects for worldwide car OEM’s for the R-Car M2 and H2 platforms that further extend their strategic co-operation. With technology convergence upon us, expectations are becoming very high in today’s IVI system designs, so for automotive makers and infotainment providers, delivering performance led solutions remain a constant challenge. Renesas R-Car M2 and H2 with Cinemo Unified Media Player meet any front or rear seat content demand enabling the true connected car.

Cinemo was recently the recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s coveted 2014 Global In-Vehicle Infotainment Product Leadership Award where it was acknowledged Cinemo had not only brought a critical technology seen across home entertainment and mobile devices into the vehicle in a seamless way, but that Cinemo possessed the ability to cross all brands and their respective embedded multimedia solutions both for high-end or entry level systems — a process design that positioned Cinemo on top of its field.

“We are very happy to be working with Renesas again in our support for the R-Car M2 and H2 series as they represent a compelling offering for the automotive infotainment market” said Jim Corbett, co-founder of Cinemo. “Renesas’ R-Car Series of automotive SoCs address the evolving needs of automotive whilst Cinemo offers the most practical and robust solution in the way content is played and distributed in the car”.

“Cinemo already have a proven reputation in producing a high quality multimedia and connectivity architecture, so we are delighted to be working together on the Renesas R-Car M2 and H2 platforms and providing car manufacturers high performance and scalability” says Dr. Ulrich Giese, head of automotive information systems at Renesas Electronics Europe.



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