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Nominees Product Innovation Awards European Utility Week 2014

Nominees Product Innovation Awards European Utility Week 2014

Posted by Anita PodsiadloOctober 20, 2014

The 12 nominees from the four categories of the European Utility Week Product Innovation Awards have been made public. After an intense period of sifting through the numerous entries the judges announced the three nominees from each of the four categories.

Jens Weinmann, chairmain of the Judging Committee, commented “Based on complementary criteria like originality, practicality and sustainability, our committee has selected a strong set of contenders for the 2014 EUW Product Innovation Awards.”

The shortlist is as follows:

Energy Storage
Altom Grid – MaxSine™ eStorage
Chakratec Ltd – Fltwheel Energy Storage
Electrovaya – Lithium Ion Super Polymerᴿ 2.0 Energy Storage System

The Grid and Renewable integration
Tollgrade Communications – Lighthouseᴿ MV Power Sensor
Omicron Electronics – Votano 100
ABB – Unisec Smart grid

Smart Home and End User Engagement
Aqua-Rimit – Leak Buster
Climote – Climote OB
Simple Energy – Simple Energy Virtual Home

Smart Metering, ICT and Grid Security
Ventyx (ABB) – Outage Lifecycle management
C3 Energy – Smart grid Analytics Software
Altran – STE²AM
Weinmann added “The transformation of the energy system, as we observe it today, is not only driven by regulation: innovation plays a fundamental role as an accelerator for new products and solutions, and as a threat to old business models”.

The category winners and overall winner will be announced at 17:00 hrs (CET) on 5 November at the Innovation Hub. All the product innovations can also be seen throughout the European Utility Week event between November 4-6, 2014.

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