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SAP launches two enterprise applications supporting Vuzix’ M100 smart glasses

SAP launches two enterprise applications supporting Vuzix’ M100 smart glasses

Posted by Anita PodsiadloOctober 29, 2014

Vuzix® Corporation, has announced that SAP has released two new applications for Vuzix’ M100 Smart Glasses for the enterprise markets. The new augmented reality (AR) applications, SAP® AR Warehouse Picker and the SAP® AR Service Technician, help simplify and improve the user experience and work processes by offering a hands-free working experience. Vuzix has been working with SAP, a global provider of enterprise application software, to develop cutting edge augmented reality (AR) applications around Vuzix’ M100 Smart Glasses for application in many enterprise areas including these initial applications for warehousing and field service.

In support of SAP’s software rollout, Vuzix has started shipping upgraded M100 Smart Glasses to SAP’s sales team members, pre-loaded with the SAP demo software.

The SAP® AR Warehouse Picker is designed for the warehouse picker, allowing hands-free mobility using visualisation and voice recognition to receive instructions via the M100 Smart Glasses to complete daily tasks without a hand held scanning device. Functions include bar code scanning for handling units, locations, products, stations and any other required scans, as well as voice input for quantity confirmation. With secure authentication on the user’s SAP System thru QR-Code identity scans, the user experience is enhanced through the elimination of the need to enter a username, password, or login. To view a concept video of the SAP® AR Warehouse Picker please visit:

ImagineThe SAP® Service Technician application allows the field service technician to have access to 3D Visual Enterprise models of their workplace with instructions anywhere in a hands-free experience, allowing them to perform the necessary operations. The application features voice recognition and enables the use of an expert calling feature which allows a remote expert to give directions to a colleague while seeing what the field technician is seeing through their M100 Smart Glasses or Head Mounted Display. To View a concept video of the SAP® Service Technician please visit:

Further information on augmented reality solutions from SAP can be found here:

Further information on Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses for Enterprise can be found here:

The release of these two applications further extends the depth of Vuzix’ growing portfolio of industry leading solutions being implemented for both enterprise and prosumer solutions. These applications are extremely scalable and have the potential to streamline operations in the warehouse, airline, oil and gas, and automotive industries, among others.

Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix commented, “The launch of SAP’s new applications for enterprise users demonstrates how the combination of our Smart Glasses and SAP’s cutting edge software can deliver powerful tools that provide improved operating efficiency and ease of use for the operator. We have been working closely with SAP to develop Smart Glasses based productivity applications for the industrial user base and look forward to assisting them with many successful implementations of their software around the M100. This is a huge untapped market and we look forward to begin signing up customers.”


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